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Soul ReSource


Soul ReSource is an intentional ReMembrance process to ReConnect you with your Soul’s Purpose, ReAligning you with your soul's path and ReIgniting your passion for your purpose. 

Once you allow yourself to truly ReCall your true ambition and ReEngage with the YOU who lives from a place of clear and conscious design, you’ll easily and naturally ReConcile your past, ReWire your old patterns and ReAwaken the true YOU. 

In doing so, you’ll RePlace your limiting beliefs with your heart's desires, ReEnergize your purpose projects and ultimately, ReWrite your story and ReVitalize your entire life! 

Soul ReSource ReUnites YOU with the SOURCE within YOU allowing you to ReClaim the YOU that YOU are meant be!

Soul ReSource Creator & Soul ReAlignment® Practitioner


As a veteran TV producer, I spent 25 years telling other people’s stories of inspiration and transformation. Now, with Soul ReSource, I am guiding people to take the first steps on their own journey of fulfillment and creation by ReMinding them of the boundless possibilities within, and by allowing them to ReWrite the stories of their lives to more fully honor their Soul’s Path. 

After an extremely transformational year of pain, loss, and divine insight, Soul ReSource was birthed. As my own first student I have ReAffirmed my passions and have ReAssembled my life to fully live my Soul’s Purpose, bringing this process to all those who are ready to hit the ReFresh button and live a life of purpose! 

Soul ReAlignment®


After experiencing a divine intervention with Soul ReSource, I continued to “ask” for more tools in helping my clients, when I was guided to Soul ReAlignment®. Soul ReAlignment® is an intuitive healing modality that utilizes the Akashic Realm to go deeper into each soul's past to the point of origination, to remind you exactly who you are at soul level, what your divine gifts are, and how to use them to unlock the keys to success and abundance. Additionally, I can see what blocks and restrictions are in your Divine Soul’s Blueprint that are impeding your ability to live abundantly in all areas of your life. Once uncovered, those blocks can be cleared allowing you to make conscious new positive choices, leading you to the full and abundant life that you desire.


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Soul ReSource

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