My Journey


As a lifelong student of all things spiritual and conscious, I was familiar with other people’s stories of divine insight and interventions. Looking back, I have had several in my life, though I didn’t realize at the time that’s what they were. Now, after coming through my own “dark night, rather ‘year’ of the soul”, and my most significant and divine intervention to date, I am honored to bring the Soul ReSource process to all. 

If someone would have told me that in an 18 month period I’d lose my last remaining parent to an aggressive cancer (in what felt like the blink of an eye), experience a deep sense of being an orphan disconnected from the planet, that I’d move four times (twice across the country), that I would break my foot twice, the second time at the hands of a supposed “healer”, who caused nerve damage and a debilitating chronic nerve syndrome, that I would evacuate my family from our home during one of the largest forest fires in California’s history only to return three weeks later to a home full of toxic ash and air, and not go outside for the next month due to poor air quality, then wait out potential floods and mudslides during which time my three year old daughter and I battled the flu for almost seven weeks straight, all while weaning myself off major pain & neuropathic drugs from the nerve damage, then lose my remaining NY-based production client (an income that was my family’s livelihood), well I’d probably tell you it sounds like a horror story! And having lived it, I can confirm that at times, indeed it was. 

Yet it was also the most liberating and transformational year of my life. It was in a dark, very dark, ‘woe is me’ moment that I finally surrendered, truly surrendered and received Divine guidance that awakened me to the beauty of the duality of life. Without the darkness, the light wouldn’t shine so bright. I know now that I had to go through the darkness to fully embrace the light within me. It is through that guidance that Soul ReSource was born. When I finally let go of all of the ‘would haves’, ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ and fully surrendered and asked for help, Soul ReSource was Divinely ‘downloaded’ to me step by step. As the first student of Soul ReSource, I now know, accept and live my purpose fully, as I am living proof that it works!