What’s the difference between Soul ReSource & Soul ReAlignment?

With Soul ReSource I facilitate a “rememberance” process with you in a one on one session where you can actually “remember” your life's purpose for this particular lifetime. Once you remember, you then create an action plan to attain all that you desire from a higher consciousness with your newly remembered vision. 

Soul ReAlignment is an intuitive healing modality where I can tune into who you are at soul level, what your divine gifts are, and unblock any blocks and restrictions that may be hindering you from living your life on purpose and your flow of abundance in all areas of your life. 

How long Soul ReSource?

Soul ReSource typically takes between 2-3 hours for each person, as it’s a writing intensive modality. 

Can I do Soul ReSource remotely?

Absolutely! If you are in Southern California and want to come to experience the process in person, I’d love to have you. If not, I’m always available via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. 

How long is Soul ReAlignment?

For Soul ReAlignment, I go into your Akashic Records on my own time. Which typically takes about 2 hours. Then we’ll schedule a phone conversation for 1 hour where I’ll present you with your records. 

Can I record my Soul ReAlignment Session?

You don’t have too, I do this for you and send you the recording. I’ll also send you follow up homework, as well.