Lisa W. - Writer, Performer, Coach


I had a profound paradigm shift from the Soul ReSource process with Tammy. Even after many years of my own inner work, it helped me crystallize a deep knowing and purpose within.
She has developed a precise program which anyone can do that gently guides you quickly and gracefully into the true essence of yourself. It's even fun!
Tammy is a trustworthy and compassionate guide who is living her soul purpose by helping others connect with their own individual soul purpose. If you've been asking yourself the question "what's my purpose?" Or "what am I doing with my life?" I encourage you to stop asking and start receiving the answers by going through her facilitated workshop.

David T. - Actor, Writer, Drama Teacher


Within the first five minutes of my Soul ReSource session with Tammy I was surprised by how at ease I was exploring elements of my true nature, holding a mirror up to my inner self, and using words and phrases to describe myself that I never would have thought of before today. I found a deep connection to the things in my life that bring me joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and Tammy helped bridge the gulf between the inertia of my intellectual knowledge and my soul's passionate, kinesthetic understanding of my highest self.

Christine S. - Voice Over Artist


Soul ReSource has changed the course of my life forever! I had been walking around with an idea in my head for years, not really sure how to turn my passion into a thriving, sustainable business that I could love. The Soul ReSource process lovingly pushed me to go deep; to unearth the jewels that were hidden inside the core of my being just waiting to emerge. Facilitated by Tammy Taylor, with her natural gifts of intuition and leadership, the process was EXACTLY the help I needed to dive in and discover those hidden gems. Like a puzzle with a thousand pieces it all came together in a few hours, and the picture was clear! I walked away from the Soul ReSource experience excited to finally have a clear vision and a well-defined plan of action for my new adventure! Everyone should go through the Soul ReSource process. You’ll be amazed what you discover! Thank you Tammy!!!

Mary M. - Director, Writer, Akashic Reader


Tammy is a unique ‘power-blend’ of  intuition, kindness, balance, strong ethics and a love for humanity that surpasses most people I know. Tammy’s Soul ReSouce process is exceptional from most personal development techniques out there that I’ve tried. So often we ‘think’ we know what our lives are supposed to look like and we move in those directions to then find ourselves lost or unhappy. We forget who we are. Soul ReSource helped me uncover the real me and what my true role in life is. Most importantly I felt safe with Tammy, who gently yet powerfully ushered me forward in an easy, deeply familiar and amazing way. I experienced personal revelations that had become ‘veiled’ by how I thought my life was supposed to be. It’s as if I met myself for the first time! I’m looking forward to doing it again to ReDiscover and affirm so much more!

Wendy S. - Celebrity Radio Host


I have known Tammy Taylor for over 30 years and I knew from the moment I met her, something was special about her. Tammy just has a way with people. A grace and a benevolence about her. 
She just knows how to make people feel better...be better.
I recently had the great privilege to work with Tammy and her Soul ReSource process and I can tell you I was blown away by how it made me not only realize my souls purpose, but it ignited something in me that was laying dormant for a long time.
 Tammy is the kind of person who only wants to bring out the best in everyone.  This is her purpose and she is sharing her rare gift to others. 
Soul ReSource is for everyone who has every wondered why they are here. What they are suppose to be doing and to learn about who they really are. 
Everyone should allow themselves this gift to travel with Tammy, through her workshop and allow themselves a place and space to begin finding their soul purpose. 
Trust Tammy’s generous soul and warm heart to guide you in this magnificent journey that, I promise you, will be life changing. It was for me. 

Sharon M. - Writer/Editor


I have been happily immersed in the empath/intuitive/healer world for ten years, I can joyfully attest that Tammy is The Real Deal, and I can unconditionally recommend working with her. Your Self will happily/joyfully/unconditionally thank you.